Cleaning house "Bollywood ishtyle"

Strong Tea, Parle-G, Banana on a plate

January and February tend to be slow months for the band.  Christmas and New year festivities are done and the party season slows down at least until Valentine’s day. When things are slow and there are not a lot of gigs we are prepping for, we are thinking about ways to get better as a band for our audience and figuring out ways to use this down-time to our advantage. 

For instance, some of the things that we have been working on is to chart out what our current repertoire of music looks like and cleaning house “Bollywood-ishtyle” 😀 

We are reviewing things like: 

  • What sort of music would our audience like us to play? What would they like to hear? Should we have more fast-paced songs or more slower, melodic, romantic numbers? 
  • Are there any hits or Bollywood remixes that have recently caught the audience’s fascination? 
  • Are there timeless oldies that might be enjoyable to our listeners? 
  • What song(s) should we delete or archive from our portfolio that may have run its course? 

As you can tell, it's really a good time for us to take a step back, take stock of our existing music portfolio and figure out how to fine tune our music. 

We are also starting to develop our original music and that process is also quite interesting as well. Original music requires original melodies, original lyrics and such. So this is a very new and creative experience for us. More about this in a future post.  

Have a great rocking day with lots of Kadak Chai!